Benefits of Membership


  • Receive regular correspondence and newsletters. You will also recieve a laminated membership card after joining identifying you as a member.
  • Come along to the regular reunion dinners, barbecues, bus/rail/ferry excursions and functions making new friends and renewing acquaintances. Wives and partners are most welcome.
  • Join us in celebrating the regular 'Theme Reunions' [eg. 2004 Olympic Welcome Back] at the dinners and barbecues.
  • Your subscription helps to support the Union's Youth Development Scholarship Program providing funding to needy aspiring boys and girls at club and school level state wide.
  • Help support the Union's volunteer program which supports club and school coaching; the NSW Union of Boat Race Officials and manning of club and school regattas.
  • Join our members at the various club Old Boy's Reunions (you are always welcome) and network with the rowing fraternity. Union members are welcome at all licensed rowing clubs.
  • Assist in preserving the history and heritage of the sport by contributing to the sports archives.
  • After 50 years involvement and support of rowing, receive an engraved pewter to help recall the fond memories.

Who can join ?

  • Current and past rowers and coxswains (club / school or both) of any age.
  • Supporters and volunteers who enjoy their involvement; want to contribute to the wellbeing of the sport and join in our social functions.
  • Past and present oarswomen are most welcome to join and participate.

What are the subscription fees?

  • One year's membership: $ 15-00 (till the 30/6)
  • Five year's membership: $ 40-00
  • Permanent membership: $ 200-00
(Each member receives a laminated membership card specifying their membership type and details).

Membership Form