2012 J.B. Sharp Series

The 88th J. B. Sharp Memorial Regatta Series was concluded at the Leichhardt Regatta on 12th August, 2012.
Congratulations to the rowers, officials, coaches and the record number clubs and schools for their participation, and in particular Sydney Rowing Club on winning the Series Point Score for the first time.

  1. Romola Davenport of Sydney RC on being awarded the BMG General Insurance Brokers Scholarship of $ 1,000.
  2. Max Duignan of Penrith RC on being awarded the BMG General Insurance Brokers Scholarship of $ 1,000.
  3. UTS RC on winning the BMG General Insurance Brokers $ 500 for the Combined M & W U16 1x point score.
  4. Romola Davenport of Sydney RC on winning the Walker & Hall Chalice for the Handicap Scull.
  5. Balmain RC on winning the LEA Insurance Brokers Trophy for the WN1x point score.
  6. Sydney RC on winning the John Sharp Trophy for the WN 4x & U16 1x point score.
  7. UTS RC on winning the Kayser Shield for the WO and Intermediate point score.
  8. Glebe RC on winning the Kevyn Webb Trophy for the MN 1x point score
  9. Glebe RC on winning the Sid Sharp Tray for the MN 4x & U16 1x point score.
  10. Sydney RC on winning the Glebe Centenary Shield for the MO and Intermediate point score.
  11. Max Brenner of Sydney RC on being awarded the Beginner of the Series 2012 Medallion.
  12. James Tyree of the Kings School on being awarded the Trainee Boat Race Official of the Series 2012 Medallion.

 Thank you BMG General Specialist Commercial Insurance Brokers for making such a dynamic regatta series possible.

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